Former home of SPADA

Welcome to SPADA (System Preview And Data Acquisition) from Peter Kingsley and Darren Freestone;

SPADA was introduced over 10 years ago as a temporary solution to a specific problem faced by my unit.


Unfortunately I have moved on and with my current commitments I can no longer update or support SPADA and it is being phased out of operational use by my unit.


There are now numerous Linux based boot CDs available to choose from so there is no need for SPADA any longer.

We now use a commercial product ADF Triage-IDŽ for preview work  and a Windows based FE boot disk.

SPADA was a Linux Boot CD that uses a KNOPPIX remaster and incorporates the features that we have found to be beneficial in our work.  It also includes a number of custom tools developed for law enforcement.

The final release was September 2010